Our Purpose

To help our member GP practices support people to live well at every stage of their life

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What matters to us

  • Direct support to practices with reliable additional services / capacity
  • Work in a way that:
    • enables practices to flourish
    • supports clinicians and improves their working lives
    • provides benefits to the population
    • improves outcomes for patients
    • improves experience of patients
    • provides ‘at scale’ support that might not otherwise be possible at practice / PCN level
    • clearly identifies measures of success and failure – respond quickly
    • genuinly supports action on health inequalities

This purpose is important to us because we believe it will help guide us to develop responses that really matter to people and help us to develop measures related to delivering that purpose (instead of measures that may be easier to count but could, counterintuitively, take us away from that purpose). Our purpose statement is what we want to be held to account for delivering, and how we will measure our success.

Our teams at B&HF use our purpose to judge if what we are doing is really making a difference. By asking if our work helps deliver our purpose, we can improve what we do, making connections that might otherwise be missed. It helps us consider if our work is adding value from a patient’s perspective, or making it harder for people to get the help and support they want and need (by making them jump through hoops).

We want every service we develop to be designed from the user’s perspective. That means we include patients in the design, implementation, and ongoing development to ensure the best outcomes for the people who will use the services.