What is a Federation?

Primary Care Federations are member organisations that are key to supporting the health needs of local populations. They act as an extension of Primary Care and can provide support to individual Practices or provide system-wide Primary Care responses at scale. Uniquely, Federations deliver these services using the same GP clinical record as their member Practices; allowing them to deliver care as an extension of Primary Care, intrinsically intertwined with the Practices and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) they work on behalf of – the original integration of clinical care.

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Brighton and Hove Federation (B&HF) is a company limited by shares, with each of our 31 member Practices as shareholders, and our Board includes representatives from each of the 6 Primary Care Networks (PCNs) we support. We provide some NHS services directly and also support our Practices to provide services themselves. Any surplus we make gets reinvested back into Primary Care.