Our Values

We want our values to drive how we work with each other and with our partners. We want to always design responses that are ‘person-shaped’ rather than ‘service-shaped’. This means always trying to walk in the shoes of the people who are asking for help. Sometimes this means that we do things and set up services; but it can also mean stepping back and trusting people to make good decisions for themselves.

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Practically, this means being very deliberate in how we use data, taking an ‘outside in’ approach from a user’s point of view, rather than an ‘inside out’ approach from an organisation’s point of view. This is because what matters to organisations may not be important to people at all.

People and community first

  • Connecting with and understanding people, their context and what matters to them.
  • Designing responses that work for people and communities based on what we learn matters to people.
  • Working with people and supporting their strengths.

Openness and transparency

  • Humility and an openness to learn and experiment.
  • Willingness to share knowledge and lessons.
  • Listening and hearing deeply.
  • Speaking clearly – being honest, including being clear about what we can and cannot do.

Compassion and empathy

  • To and for each other.
  • Finding time to connect when people need it most.
  • Doing the things, however small, that can really make a difference in people’s lives.


  • Delivering support in environmentally friendly ways.
  • Set goals to achieve Net Zero by 2050 

Bringing ideas to life

  • Act / adapt quickly
  • Approach things experimentally – learn/ fail quickly
  • Developments based on knowledge and feedback from people – patients / communities / practices
  • Minimal bureaucracy
  • Support people as they learn