Research in Primary Care


We are collaborating with the Community Research Network (CRN) to see if, by working with us, more practices can be supported to participate in research. 

Historically, the CRN has invested in single GP sites and now want to move to an 'at scale' model by working with us. The benefit the CRN anticipates from using B&HF is that it will increase the number of eligible people to enrol into research programmes and will allow the CRN delivery team to provide more consistent support across practices for any hands-on elements of studies that practices may agree to.  In addition, it will reduce the number of people they are required to liaise with, reduce the administrative burden of contracting and invoicing and improve the outcomes of research.

For practices, this will mean B&HF will be able to run searches and fully complete the research projects on their behalf, subject to practice agreement. This in turn will mean that more practices will be able to participate in research without workload being increased.  It will also help practices with CQC inspections.