Targeted Lung Health Check


The Targeted Lung Health Check service in Brighton & Hove is a project that aims to diagnose lung cancer patients at an earlier stage, giving better outcomes by population screening for an eligible cohort of Brighton & Hove residents, aged 55-74 years old:

  • InHealth will invite patients to a lung health check, risk score them and invite them to a CT in a local community setting
  • Heart & Lung Health Ltd (HLH) will report on CTs scan and reports will be sent to the trusts PACS system
  • The trust Targeted Lung Health Check team will pick up patients flagged by HLH to review in a screening MDM and manage the onwards referral
  • B&HF will oversee the administration and review of patients from the TLHC programme, including onward referral as appropriate.

Contact the Targeted Lung Health Check Team

Common incidental findings from a CT scan can include the below, please click on the diagnosis to find out more